Why Us

Why Us?


When you order your tankless system from us, we ensure you get the full manufacturer warranty on your system. Most of the other online tankless stores can't.

How We Do It

We're not just another online tankless store owned by a large distributor. We have a brick and mortar retail stores that are owned and operated by authorized, certified installers of tankless products. And even if you're not in the service area of one of our brick and mortar locations, we tap into our nationwide network of authorized distributors and certified installers to make sure you're taken care of.

If you check most manufacturers websites, they all have internet sales policies that prohibit online sales of their equipment. And for good reason, your tankless system requires pre and post-sale support to make sure your system's: A) sized properly based on your unique situation, B) installed properly and C) operating at their manufactured peak capacity.

Most tankless manufacturers warranty policies state: "Retail Internet Purchases Will Not Be Covered By Warranty." But when you purchase your system from us with Pro-Install, they are.

Why It's Important To You

Tankless are intricate systems. They all come in different sizes and require configuration to operate properly in the spaces they're in. When you're getting an in-home tankless system consultation, there are many things a tankless designer takes into account when sizing your tankless system. All those factors come into play to make sure you're as comfortable as possible in your home or office after your new tankless system is installed.

Manufacturers aren't trying to make it hard on you. They know you can buy almost anything over the Internet. But they want to make sure the tankless product you're getting is matched to their intended function by trained tankless professionals.

Installing a tankless system is more complicated than putting in a tank unit. You'll need to run some piping and flue lines, wires for electricity, and line drainage for condensation. Please follow manufacturer instructions carefully.

Please follow your local state regulations to avoid any state penalties or simply call us for Pro-Install.



Each manufacturer's main concerns are:

  • You'll purchase the wrong product & accessories based on limited information
  • You won't get the same level of personal and professional installation and post-sale service support - which is needed for your tankless system to maintain it's peak performance now and well into the future

See For Yourself

Don't hesitate to give us a call 443-222-0672 or stop by in one of our local stores. If there isn't a store in your area right now, we're more than likely in the process of opening one near you.

For each manufacturer we offer, their internet sales policies are below: