About Us & Our Mission

What is Tankless America?

Tankless America is an e-commerce storefront that focuses specifically on tankless technology. Since it's the only thing we sell, we know the products very well. If you buy products from us, you can either pick it up from our warehouse for free delivery or we can ship it out to you seamlessly. 

The Problem

Homeowners in America like you are getting tired of traditional plumbing & heating systems that aren’t efficient and don’t support their families’ needs. They look at other solutions that they’ve seen around the world and wonder why America is so far behind in technology & innovation. They imagine their homes running on efficient systems that provide precisely what they demand and nothing more. They are game changers, status quo breakers, and purebred leaders.

The Solution

Tankless America was created to push forward a vision of our America leading the charge in tankless water heating & home heating technology. We want to accelerate America’s shift from inefficient, bulky, outdated tanked systems to timely, on-demand, high-tech tankless systems so Americans can stop wasting time & money and start enjoying their homes the way they should. 

Tankless America's Mission

Simply put, our mission is to accelerate America’s shift to tankless solutions.

Here’s how we are fulfilling our mission: 

  1. Providing excellent customer support. We know homeowners have tons of questions about whether the switch to tankless makes the most sense for them. We are here to make sure your questions have answers.
  2. Providing seamless shipping solutions. We want to get our customers the tankless products they need without hassle and without worry. 
  3. Providing excellent brands that you can rely on. We only sell the best products so you have an excellent experience when shifting to tankless. 

Visit Our Showroom 

We have 1 local retail showroom located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States where we have a few of the best brands of tankless water heaters on display. We have specialists parked in the showroom readily available to answer any and all of your questions. 

If you aren’t local to the Mid-Atlantic area and still have questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can always reach us by phone or by email. 

Address of Tankless America (Same showroom as Got Ductless):

9642 Deereco Road

Timonium, MD 21093